Jetspectacular (the) (naoekun) wrote in death_note,
Jetspectacular (the)

ok, let's start the speculation

..because i'm sorely distracted..

It really does seem to be M vs N vs Light that is surfacing? Near is aligned with the States but Mello is a rogue operation? His bit certainly does seem shady and I'm thankful that both L's replacements aren't lawful.. (kinda puts the balance back in..) do you guys sense a rivalry between Mello and Near? Or at least a one-sided one in Mello's mind?

To me it's like Mello is L's unrestrained side, and Near is his by-the-book side... I never thought that they may end up *against* each other though...we all smell more plot twists, and I am at least grateful for that.

Light can look back on better days when his biggest problem was Sayu stumbling upon the DN and realize what a mess he's gotten himself into, na? now he's got countries aligned under or against him, and that's far from a peaceful world imho...
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