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Title: Explanation
Author: kkscatnip
Rating: Uh. PG-13? They're naked but not the way you think.
Notes: 137 words. I've always disliked drabbles and now I wrote one. For the image. The image, man!

L sat on the edge of the bathtub, feet just barely off of the floor as he balanced in place. Naked, cool porcelin almost as foreign to him as having no clothes on with someone else in the room.

With Light in the room. He hadn't thought of this when he'd said 24/7 but there was no way he'd back down now.

L looked up, eyes going suddenly wide as he caught an eyeful of parts of Light he never wanted to see. But he couldn't look away. It was too fascinating and explained things he'd wondered about before in an absent sort of way, while looking at Chief Yagami and his son side-by-side.

"Light," he said, thumb going to his mouth. Lips around the tip as they curved upward into a smile. "You dye your hair."
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