Jetspectacular (the) (naoekun) wrote in death_note,
Jetspectacular (the)

He is too cute for his own good.

I read the chapter, looked at my wigs..
...then tried to remember where all my white socks went.

(obligitory seizure-mode photo)

(I bet you he sleeps in this pose...)



and then the Raito-mock...!

mmm ok ^.^' very very unsure of what color his pants are, but I bet they're not blue! and gah..! the wig isn't as "Cute" in the pictures as it is in real life, and it's not just cuz of the drained colors =P it just the nature of the a white, layered wig I suppose.. You can only see the curls if there are shadows.. but Gawd that is such uke hair... x.x! anyway, hope you enjoyed it.. hope you love N as much as I am starting to do! I can't wait to see him get some real action scenes..!

and thanks to the people who were in my previous thread about the kids, it's always a pleasure..! and it helps my accepting of them, hahaha.

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