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new here and all u.u°

hey, i'm new here posting but i was reading some time before... but... because i thought it could be helpfull if i could post in case i would stumble over a thing i want to post to- well, i registered ^^; :D
i'd like to have some colored dn-pictures- especially the posters u.u° i think my drawings are quite okay, though i can't draw any dn-pictures at all, my art is so awfull compared to obata-sama's *sigh*
hm, yeah... that i like/love/am obsessed in death note is quite obvious ;D my favorite char i L (so, i'm a bit... well... hm... bitter?)
i'm 17 and live in germany (my english isn't that well u.u).
well, i think if you want someone to know about me, you can just ask, because i don't know what to tell ;) ^^;;
so, well ^^°

oh yeah, and i hope we'll all get along well :D

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