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Name speculation

Mello and Near are baaaaddd Engrish. We all know this. So, proper names, as I see them:

Near is easy. near = Neal = Niel
Usage: Irish, Scottish, English
From the Gaelic name Niall, which is of disputed origin, possibly meaning "champion" or "cloud".

Mello is harder. MELLOW YELLOW
Mello = Milo = Miles
Usage: English
The meaning of this name is not known for certain. It is possibly from Latin miles "soldier" or else from a pet form of MICHAEL.
Usage: English, German, Czech, Biblical
From the Hebrew name Miyka'el which meant "who is like God?".
(Given that in this manga, like God = like Light-the-sociopath, this boy is very likely headed exactly where I think he's going)

AND NOW, crack time:

L = Louis? It make sense, because Louis = Ludwig
From the Germanic name Hludwig which meant "famous warrior", composed of the elements hlud "fame" and wig "warrior".

LAH DAH. L'S NAME. If I end up right I'm going to laugh myself to death. feel free to agree or disagree. just going by the track record of the names in HikaGo which meant things, I thought that this would be pretty cool to post. Tell me if you think it's spoilerific and I'll cut it; I tried to keep it spoilier free but I gotta warn that the comments may not be spoiler free.

also, speaking of Hikago names.. Akira, Hikaru, and Akari are all ways of saying "Light". Hello Irony, they just name their next character Light. Am I the only one amused by this?

Also, L could be Lucian/Lucius.
Usage: Ancient Roman, English
Roman praenomen, or given name, which was derived from Latin lux "light".

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