Scary Sue (fantomeq) wrote in death_note,
Scary Sue

I come bearing fic.

I come bearing fic. I've been poking at this one for a while, and I've decided to post it. Warning for AU, mixed metaphors that I can't bear to part with. Raito toys with L.

Raito passes behind L, face ghostly in the monitor light, and holds his hands just above L's shoulders. He smiles as L stiffens almost imperceptibly, lowers them.

"Don't you get tired?" he asks, as if he cares.

L turns, slim white neck and pointed chin inclining toward the teenager. "Justice never sleeps."

Raito laughs aloud at the cliche, allows himself a roll of his eyes just out of L's sight.

L cocks his head now, his appearance that of a bird perched in a cage. L can't see the cage.

"You may not sleep, but you let me distract you."

"Sixty-two," L says conversationally, the highest yet.

Raito looks down slowly to avoid narrowing his eyes. He adds a measure of desperation to his voice, leaning closer to L. "How can I prove to you I'm not Kira?"

"I think you like me to think that you are Kira," comes the soft response.

Now Raito stiffens, catches himself. He loosens the tension in his muscles immediately, relaxes his long fingers. The cold smile on his lips quirks to a coy one as he leans closer. "I think you like to think I am," he suggests.

L's wide eyes are like a pond at midnight... where no one can hear you drown.

"I think you are capable," L murmurs, a slight twitch as if he'd like to look away. His chair rattles.

"How does that make you feel?" he asks in the style of a psychiatrist. He wants to grip the baggy white shirt, to push him back. He remembers the look of concern just in time.

L blinks, his thumb rising to his mouth.

Raito spreads his hands apart as he suggests, "It would scare me, to be so close to Kira."

Is L smiling? His hand casts a shadow over his mouth in the dimness. "Kira does not know my name," he pointed out.

"Does anyone know your name?" He bites his tongue as it comes out. It's so obvious, but he knows L's heart is beating faster right now, and he relishes it. For a moment, he thinks that L wants to tell, to see what will happen, to achieve his 100 percent.

L smiles. "I forget."

L forgets... his name? Raito blinks stupidly, mirroring L's expression. Should he laugh?

They grow silent. Raito thinks of the book, the eyes, the limitations they have. His heart flutters. He inhales sharply and allows the emotion flooding through him. "Then how can I prove to you I am Kira?"

L's eyes shoot up, the chair clatters as his bare feet hit the floor.

Raito uncoils, strikes out, straddles L's thin legs on the office chair.

Raito's long fingers spread winglike to bruise L's white neck as L's head tips back, lips parted.

A ghost of a smile twitches on the lips. He gasps something.

Is it "Kira?"

It is a name that begins with L.

Could use more editing, but I'm throwing it out to the world before it drives me crazy.

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