slitherer-outer (gazelle) wrote in death_note,

Raito vs. Raskolnikov

So, today I was at work/school, staring blankly at a computer screen, and started thinking... and, um, somehow my thoughts wandered over to Death Note and Crime and Punishment (odd, since I haven't touched CP in a good year and a half, at least). And I started drawing some parallels. How much like Raskolnikov do you guys think Raito is, and how much of a parallel would there be?

Raskolnikov thinks he's a superman, he's like Napoleon, etc... and he kills Alyona Ivanovna because she's a "louse" who cheats people out of money, etc... and then he kills Lizaveta because she happened to be there at the time. He sees himself at a higher level than the rest of humanity, and thus feels that he can pass judgement on them. People are tools, etc. Sound familliar?

Thing is, Raskolnikov is plagued by guilt (and sort of kind of goes a little insane). Perpetuating the lie is its own punishment. That's one key difference. Do you think Raito would ever be plagued by guilt? Will Raito "stand at the cross-roads... and kiss the earth [he has] desecrated, then bow down to the whole world... and say aloud to all the world 'I have done murder?'" Will Raito become like Lazarus and return to humanity?

Another interesting parallel would be the whole cat and mouse game between Raskolnikov and Porfiry. But, man, I haven't read the book in so long, and some Lit major will probably snap my neck for what I've written already anyway. And I have alot of reading to catch up on tonight...

Oh well. Food for thought. (LOL I just found my folder of papers from freshman year. I compared every book in my lit class to CP. Wow, looking at these papers, there's alot of parallels with Faust too. Though, in DN all of the evil is Raito's alone, Ryuuk just watches to amuse himself... Mephistopheles wasn't exactly an observer. lol)

Yeah. Lit and/or Russian majors, please don't hurt me. :/

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