Life is short - live it for the ones who can't. (worstangel) wrote in death_note,
Life is short - live it for the ones who can't.

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Deleted posts

I have a copy of the deleted entry that glassdarkly posted. Should anyone want it, comment to this entry with your email and I will send away.

That STFU NOOB picture was too priceless to lose. :D

All emails to this point have been sent, but there were some problems. If you've already commented, didn't get your email, give it to me after this point and we'll try again.

Wow, guys. Just... wow. Thank god for Gmail, otherwise I would have had to get about five new inboxes.

Also, I noticed some of you don't have Gmail accounts, and I have 150+ piling up in various inboxes. Should you like an invite, just tell me when you leave your email.

And this post would not be complete without mad props to forunlawfulck, who graciously sent me all the emails of the commenters. You pwn hard. :D

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