The Great Bitch, Maestro Delphine (oshunanat) wrote in death_note,
The Great Bitch, Maestro Delphine

Having read the thread that just got deleted, someone mentioned "this is what we have to look forward to come October"

And yanno, she's right.

Is there any kind of good Death Note FAQ floating around out there that we can link to? Or if there isn't, maybe we should make one so if someone that is obviously a n00b comes asking, we can just point to the link and send them on their merry way, and stick it in the comm info to hopefully minimize the number of those types of posts which will get old quick.

If there isn't, I wouldn't mind helping out, but first, might as well use any established resources if we can ^-^

[ETA: I apologize if I came off as an elitest asshat by making this post. That really, really wasn't my point at all. I was just trying to be helpful! That being said, I did have long/very odd day at work and had I thought a few minutes longer before posting, I probably wouldn't have said anything. So um...yeah :)]

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