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desperate DK is taking matters into their own hands ^_^

Alright DN addicts,
I trust that at least SOME of you are as desperate as I am but I'm offering help nonetheless.
With all these hoo-ha about DN being licensed and the prospect of not getting more scanlations from a *rather famous and remarkable source*, I decided to get off my slack ass and do something.
One of my best friends has a degree in Japanese language, and is also a DN fan so she'd be more than happy to help translate. She can translate to our language, and I can translate it into English.
We are unable to get the raws. In our country, Shonen Jump takes ages and buckets of dollars to get here. So, if anyone can kindly URL us or YSI us the raws, we are more than willing to take the burden off you guys and help translating. I know that we can get the raws from random sources, but I'd prefer to get one permanent/regular source. If they're already translating, we are more than happy to help. So basically, my friend and I are offering you translating help, but the only hurdle is to get the raws.
If anyone's interested in this transaction, please contact me at: platinumspectra@yahoo.co.uk or simply MSN me.
Thanks for your attention.

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