Tess (nefariouskitten) wrote in death_note,

Help me amuse myself

So we all know Mello's angsty backstory and blah blah blah... to the point, he has a gang.
The members of the gang [as of yet]:

Oh, look. If you just add 3 more people, it'd be like the brady bunch... except not.

K, ever since seeing them, I was totaly amused/bothered, and am now trying to complete a list of sorts.
I just need some help with it; my knowledge of celbrities is really small.
Maybe I should elaborate a little better:
Wow, umm... glaringly obvious resemblance, much?
Though it may not have been intentional, knowing Obata and Ooba's experience with foregin things in their manga *cough*WTF?!@!Quillish Whammy*cough*

Anyway, back to the list. As of yet, I've got
-> ?
-> the bastard child of 50 Cent and Mr T

Anyone mind helping me with the list before I go insane?

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