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Death Note Timeline

Hi, I just joined this community a few days ago and I wanted to share a timeline for Death Note that I compiled while re-reading the series. The timeline is quite long and contains information only up (and inculding) to DN chpt 60.  I hope it's helpful ^_^


Daeth Note Timeline

November 28, 2003: Ryuk drops Death Note in human world, Yagami Raito finds the Death Note, Raito kills Otoharada Kurou and Shibuimaru Takuo


December 2, 2003: Raito meets Ryuk


Raito kills Lind L. Taylor.  L learns that Kira is in the Kanto region of Japan and that Kira can kill people without being nearby


December 13, 2003: Information leaked that L is suspicious of anybody related to the investigation team


December 14, 2003: The 12 FBI agents enter Japan


December 19, 2003: Raito learns that he has been followed for the past two days. Raito learns about the Eyes of the Shinigami and the Eyes exchange deal. Raito kills criminals to test his control over their actions and experiment with the power of the Death Note


December 20, 2003: Bus-jacking occurs, Raye Penbar reveals that he is a FBI agent to Raito


December 27, 2003: Raito kills the 12 FBI agents


December 31, 2003: The six remaining members of the Japanese police force who are working on the Kira case meet L face to face.


January 1, 2004: Raito meets Misora Naomi (Penbar’s fiancé), writes her name in the Death Note as death by suicide within 48 hours


January 5, 2004: Raito erases traces of his hacking into his father’s computer


L orders surveillance equipment to be placed in the Yagami household and the Kitamura household


January 8, 2004: First day of surveillance.  Raito deduces that his house has been tapped, bribes Ryuk into finding where all the cameras in his room have been placed, uses a LCD mini-TV hidden in a bag of chips and his knowledge of the cameras’ blind spots to alleviate suspicion that he is Kira


January 13, 2005: L orders the cameras and microphones to be removed from both houses


January 17, 2004: Raito takes his exams, sees L for the first time


Early April 2004: Touou University’s Commencement Ceremony, “Ryugga Hideki” reveals that he is L to Raito

Raito and L have a tennis match against each other, Raito wins 6-4


Chief Yagami has a heart attack due to fatigue and stress from the Kira case


April 13, 2004: Misa sends the four Kira tapes to Sakura TV


April 14, 2004: Sakura TV receives the Kira tapes


April 18, 2004: Second tape by fake Kira (Misa) airs on Sakura TV, Ukita dies trying to stop the broadcasting, Chief Yagami, still recovering from his heart attack, crashes an armored car into the station and confiscates the “Kira” tapes


April 22, 2004: Sakura TV broadcasts the fourth Kira tape, which says that the police must hand over either the Head of the Police Department or L within four days of “Kira” will execute those in the police and media


April 24, 2004: L reveals that he thinks the tapes were made by someone else who has the same power as Kira, a second Kira, L asks Chief Yagami to ask Raito for help with the investigation, a tape made by the investigation team is broadcast as being from the real Kira


April 26, 2004: Another tape from the second Kira is sent to Sakura TV and forwarded to the investigation team.  The second Kira asks for a meeting with Kira, without the police knowing, so they can confirm each other’s existence with their gods of death


Second kira sends another tape and a diary entry to Sakura TV


May 22, 2004: Misa in disguise sees Raito in Aoyama


May 23: Misa sends another Kira tape to Sakura TV,


May 25, 2004: Investigation team receives the latest tape from the second Kira which says that the second Kira has found Kira.  They broadcast a tape asking the second Kira to turn himself/herself in.  Misa goes to Raito’s house, reveals that she is the second Kira, gives Raito the second Death Note for safekeeping and asks if she can be his girlfriend.


May 27, 2004: Last tape by second Kira is broadcast, L deduces that Kira and the second Kira must have already met, L tells Raito that Raito is his first friend


Misa meets L at  the Touou campus and sees his real name, L steals Misa’s cell phone so that Raito cannot call her then tells Raito that Misa has been arrested as the second Kira due to incriminating evidence


Misa forfeits her ownership of the Daeth Note and loses her memory


Raito goes to L ands says that he might subconsciously be Kira.  Raito willingly is imprisoned to find out whether he actually is Kira or not.

Chief Yagami asks to be imprisoned as well because he does not know what he might do regarding his son and the Kira case


After a week of imprisonment, Raito forfeits his ownership of the Death Note and loses his memory


During the 15th day of Raito’s imprisonment, punishments by “Kira” resume


After 53 days of imprisonment, Raito is released along with Misa, Chief Yagami tests the two of them under L’s direction by pretending that he will kill Raito


Raito and L are handcuffed together


The investigation team along with Misa move to the building that L has commissioned to be built specifically for the investigation


October 2004: Raito shows L information about suspicious deaths related to Yotsuba, L learns that Kira can kill in ways besides heart attacks


The police abandon the Kira investigation case due to government pressure, the police members of the investigation teams besides Aizawa all resign and continue the investigation


Five days after Aizawa leaves the team, Aber and Weddie join the investigation team


Yotsuba via Kida asks Erald Coil to find out who L is, L reveals that he is Coil and Danuve to the investigation team, which means that L is the top three greatest detectives in the world


October 3, 2004: Matsuda sneaks into the Yotsuba Headquarters in Tokyo, eavesdrops on the conversation between the eight Yotsuba member about who Kira should kill next, is caught by the Yotsuba members.  L concocts a plan to rescue Matsuda with Misa’s help, Matsuda then fakes his own death with help from the investigation team


October 7, 2004: Aber, pretending to be Coil, contacts Yotsuba and asks for 2 million dollars prepaid “hush money” and 8 million dollars afterward to take on the investigation on L.  Hatori of the Yotsuba Group says that he wants to leave the team.  Yotsuba agrees to pay “Coil” 5 million in advance and 10 million afterwards for the investigation


[Note: The dates of the 10/3 and 10/7 for the Yotsuba meetings I was able to reconstruct from what the characters said.  However, the police must have called off the Kira case before October, even though the event occurs in the manga after Raito shows L information about Yotsuba, which takes place in October, according to the translation I have.  This nonconformity is somewhat confusing, but everything still is in chronological order according to the manga]


Hatori is killed by the third Kira


October 10, 2004: The seven remaining members of the Yotsuba Group meet. The investigation team listens in on the conversation, L contacts Namikawa of the Yotsuba Group, Namikawa convinces the others to postpone the killings and give “Coil” a month for the investigation on L.  The Yotsuba members decide to meet every two weeks.


“Coil” tells Yotsuba that there is a connection between Misa and Kira


Misa attends an interview for Yotsuba, meets Rem, learns that Raito is Kira and that she is the second Kira.  Learns that Higuchi is the third/Yotsuba Kira


Misa sneaks away from Mogi to meet with Higuchi and makes him reveal that is the third Kira by telling him that she is the second Kira and that she wants to marry Kira.  To prove that he is Kira, Higuchi agrees to stop punishing criminals for a period of time.  Misa records this conversation and shows it to L and Raito as proof that Higuchi is (the third) Kira.


The investigation team comes up with a plan to trap Higuchi which involves Matsuda revealing that Higuchi is Kira on Sakura TV


November 5, 2004: Higuchi captured by L and the police.  L  finds the Death Note that Rem has possession of and learns that the Kira kills using the Death Note.  Raito regains his memories.  Raito kills Higuchi.


Misa digs up the Death Note that Ryuk has possession of.  She does the Eyes deal again so she can find out L’s real name since she can’t remember what his name is from when she met him as Ryuuga Hideki.  


 Rem kills Watari (Quillsh Wammy) and L.  Rem dies.


January 10, 2005: Mary Kenwood AKA Weddie dies in a motorbike accident in Colorado


April 7, 2005: Tierri Morello AKA Aber dies of liver cancer in a hospital in Paris


April 10, 2005: The six remaining members of Yotsuba (Ooi, Kida, Shimura, Takahashi Namikawa and Midou) die of heart attacks


May 1, 2005: “L” proposes that information and photos of criminal be withheld.  The proposal is enacted and adopted worldwide within two weeks.  By the next month, photos and names of criminals are all over the net.


March 5, 2005: Near approaches the US president and FBI director with information pertaining to the Kira case


March 12, 2009: US forms SPK (Secret Provision for Kira)


April 2009: Raito (age 22) joins Japanese National Police agency, is assigned to the Information Processing Administration division of the Info-Communications Bureau


Summer 2009: Punishments by Kira increase


The Director of the Japanese Police, Takimura-san is kidnapped by Mello and his gang so that they can hold him hostage in return for the Death Note.  Takimura kills himself with his necktie, probably due to Kira.



I'd greatly appreciate it if you pointed out any mistakes or information that I should add.  I apologize if someone has already done this and I'm only repeating the idea.


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