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Proof that I have way too much time on my hands

I present to you a list of art I enjoyed recently. This list is by no means complete and consists overwhelmingly of Raito and L (sometimes together together, if you catch my drift ^_^):

  1. Raito and L by doctajules

  2. L by elledupomme

  3. Raito, L and Watari by go-devil-dante (slight RaitoxL)

  4. Some really great art can be found at S.L.U.

  5. Raito and L by vic-mon

  6. I will destroy L by cheryl-chan

  7. Raito by aramaki

  8. Interrogated - Raito by ericulf (or @ deviantart). This one is so hot -- I'm so happy ericulf let me turn it into an icon :D.

  9. L and Raito under an umbrella by einthewonderdog.

  10. Summer, Raito and L by shin-e.

  11. Heh. Raito on L. Not worksafe 'cause they're both naked. By go-devil-dante

  12. L by maguro_tofu (or @ deviantart)

  13. All the art here, at Noah's Ark, but especially the numbers 2, 3, 8 and 10 (10 features Raito and L kissing).

  14. Raito and L by devilette

  15. three times Raito, one L by kidinair (has been posted to death_note, so I assume you've all seen it already)

  16. Raito by... I think this artist's name is Rem. It's Percy. Thanks, emlan!

  17. Raito (Light) by adoration

  18. L eating strawberry cake by kann

  19. L by nyanko-chan

  20. L and Raito are having... by ryo0oki

  21. Raito and L and more Raito and L by Lokklyn

  22. Feed the Shinigami and killer God by filoscuro

  23. cross has gorgeous stuff.

  24. chandelica = very nice (some RaitoxLxRaito)

  25. delic, which is a Raito/L site.

  26. L by luciola (or @ deviantart)

  27. happy go lucky features some very pretty artwork

  28. this website has also got some pretty good stuff

    Edited for new links:

  29. FAKE's got some good stuff, including some Raito x L. And, she says, as she checks out the artwork, some pretty explicit, non-worksafe pictures as well.

  30. Bird Sheep: (thanks to noesunexito for the link!) beautiful arwork. noesunexito also drew Raito, L, and an apple that would like to be left out of it ^_^.

  31. telophase did an oekaki of L.

  32. Groove Tube (thanks to emlan for the link</a>)

  33. emlan also pointed me toward O.O.T.L (slashy content; there are more pictures under "old pict" at the bottom)

  34. Can't read the site name, but some good stuff to be found (some slashy content)

  35. saitendo (mild slashy content)

If anyone has any other art/artist links, I'd love to see them. And if anyone knows of any DN fanfiction and can link me to it, I will love you forever and ever.

Edit: entry edited to add more links and change some of the links.

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