Death Note DVDS with Collectable Figures Reduced Price

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to sell this Complete Death Note series (Japanese Import)for £60 (not including shipping). Due to this there are no subs available in any of the DVDs. Included in this collection are the following:

• 13 DVDs (1-13)

• 13 accompanying toys that were released with each DVD including the Death King, Ryuk, Rem, L, Light, Misa, Near, Mello & Jealous. All are boxed and mint. They also come with their own stands.

• Each DVD includes a poster and a postcard with a unique picture per item.

One of the DVD cases has slight damage at the bottom, however it is still functional as a case and minor. If you wish to see a photo of said damage or the posters/postcards (unfortunately didn't manage to fit them here) please email me at or visit my ebay listing at:

Mention Live Journal and we will automatically take £5 off the price^^
Kind Regards


why L's eyes are dilated (opinion through observations)

hey one thing that i know is true coming from experience, is that L doesn't have to be on drugs, the constant dilated eyes suggests that he is manic, i am bipolar and there are 2 states(hence bi) depression and mania, when i have a manic episode biggest things ive noticed is 1st, during mania my mind has no barriers anymore so there are no limits of where my conscious can reach i find myself thinking deeply about life for hours, 2nd during mania my eyes are fully dilated in the light dark whatever they stay dilated during my manic states. and i mean full blown dilated as if i were on LSD.
from my observations L is a manic genius who eats a lot of sugar to keep his brain supplied with glucose from all the hard exerting thinking.