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Death Note Community

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Death Note
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Banner created by the wonderful kaostic. Thanks!!

{ C o m m u n i t y _R u l e s }

0. Please post Death Note/Multiverse RP ads in deathnote_rpads.

Please keep large images and blocks of text under a cut.

2. No 'personal journal' or 'Hi, I'm new!!' posts. They feel egocentric.
Please post them here, instead }

3. Keep discussion Death Note related.

4. For the love of all that is holy and consecrated, no spamming.

5. No personal insults to other members.

6. Keep any material that could be considered 'NSFW' under a cut with a warning.

If anyone is not playing by the rules, you're welcome to contact aelice (active mod). User name @ gmail.com or an LJ message.

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